The Lillian Collection (2015) The Lillian Collection (2015) Logan (SOLD) -- $110 Pink sinamay mini-top hat with black soutache ribbonwork and black feathers. 197740868 Lana (SOLD) -- $117 Mauve sinamay large disc with white ostridge feathers and silver beading. 195846945 Lori -- $119 Mint green wool button with green veiling, vintage satin ribbon and a feather daisy. 195846946 Lisa (SOLD) -- $79 Blue sinamay teardrop with blue ribbon and vintage paper roses. 195846948 Lydia -- $125 Navy Blue sinamay derby hat with vintage ivory ribbon, vintage ivory soutache applique and blue and ivory ostridge feathers. 196602189 Lizelle (SOLD) -- $104 Square shaped brown sinamay pillbox with brown satin ribbon, beige sinamay swirls/ribbons and a peacock feather. 196602123 Lindy -- $111 Black and white checked taffeta pillbox with red satin ribbon and red rooster feathers. 197006615 Laney (SOLD) -- $100 Cheetah print sinamay mini-top hat with feather adornment. 197740996 Larayna (SOLD) -- $65 Ivory sparkle sinamay fascinator with faux ivory fur and feathers. 197741013 Lolly (SOLD) -- $150 Red sinamay mini-top hat with a Lady Amhearst feather and goose feather medallion finished with brown satin hat band. 197741014 Liddie (SOLD) -- $100 Orange sinamay saucer with blue silk rose and blue soutache ribbonwork trim. 198421715 Lurrie (SOLD) -- $125 Ivory sinamay tilted fascinator with ivory silk roses and blue velvet leaves. 198421617 Lofty (SOLD) -- $75 Black velvet wired base with multi-colored butterflies. 198421619 LeeLee (SOLD) -- $75 Ivory sinamay facsinator with blue ostrich feather and ribbon. 199488408