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We are unique:

We create unique hats using quality fabrics, thread, ribbons and adornments. We don't quickly make a hat with the mere thought of selling it but take time to let the beauty of all the pieces involved develop. 

We are environmentally conscious:

When possible, we try to use reclaimed or upcycled materials -- just doing our part to keep beautiful millinery trims and materials out of landfills and sustain Mother Earth. Therefore, prices differ based on the materials used. Some pieces feature antique trim (Victorian ribbon or Edwardian buttons) or vintage items (1940's veiling or 1960s net).

We are sensible: 

We realize that investing in hand crafted, quality head wear can get expensive. So, to keep your hats looking fresh or to give some TLC to that inherited or vintage-bought hat we offer virtual consultation (15 minutes free - once per customer, afterward a fee is charged) to discuss  cleaning and repair options for your beloved hats. If you choose to have us clean or repair a hat, we offer that too!

Fashion Week Shows

DC Fashion Week

Check out the Lillian Collection at DC Fashion Week February 21, 2015.

NY Fashion Week

SJB Millinery will be showing the Minnie Collection at #NYFW Sept. 12. Get tickets at

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